Why You Should Use Enamel Pins to Promote Your Business?

If you want to be on top of the promotion game, it is really important to understand the trends. Enamel pins are the most trendy solution for branding and promoting your business. They are so good that even your employees wear it with a sense of pride as they understand the fashion statement behind it. Though the enamel pins are small, they communicate a strong message to the larger communities. If you are looking for the low-cost ways that will create a strong-impact on the corporate identity of your business, then you must consider enamel pins.

Enamel pins are made out of cheap and cost-effective materials. It is quick and cheap to produce them. Most of us know about the Disney pins. These pins are always part of the pop culture and fashion. From the last couple of years, businesses have started using them because of their ability to create a strong impact at a low cost. Enamel pins have turned into the new age business cards.

Enamel Pins for Branding

Branding is a complex subject. It is really tough to create an impact as there are millions of businesses fighting hard to attract the attention. Branding is all about showing up a concentrated message with uniformity for standing out in the marketplace. Enamel pins are definitely one of the best ways to seamlessly and smoothly create a strong brand awareness. Make sure that your Enamel pin design is in sync with the logo of your business.


Business needs constant promotion. We have to come with new and unique ways to promote our businesses in the crowded marketplace. Employees are not the only section who will promote your business with enamel pins. There is a larger community which can help you to spread the word out. Take a good collection of enamel pins with you to community events, expos, trade shows, festivals etc. Most of the times you will end up distributing all the pins. Enamel pins are fancy and cheap at the same time. People will definitely use them and it is not difficult for you to distribute as they are cheaper when compared to other promotion options out there.

Corporate Enamel Pins

Many businesses have popped up in recent times and they create branded corporate lapel pins for the companies. You can order the corporate enamel pins from them or you can also hire a graphic designer to design an elegant and custom enamel pin for your business. The best thing about creating your own enamel pins is you can choose the materials. For instance, you can go for the metals or other precious materials which looks great and sophisticated or you can go with the less expensive enamel.


Recognizing the employees is important for any business. A token of appreciation is all they expect for their efforts. Recognize the employees when they reach the milestones with the elegant and sophisticated pins. Pins are a great way to recognize them whenever they deliver outstanding performance or achieved the targets. This simple reward will motivate them for years.

You need to take care of a few things to get the best results with enamel pins. Firstly, they must look elegant and trendy. Do not compromise on the looks to save your budget. Always make sure that the enamel pin design is in sync with the overall brand design of your company. Branding is all about uniformity and it confuses people if the designs are not in sync.

Promoting the businesses is not at all an easy task. Companies must dwell deep and think smarter and harder to figure out the new ways to promote their brand.  Businesses always look for the clever and feasible ways to promote and raise their brand awareness.  Employees feel good about working at your company only when it is recognized. Enamel pins add elegance to your employees and they are definitely one of the feasible ways to promote any kind of business. It’s quick to produce them and the best part is they are cheap. Enamel pins or de facto avatar of the younger generations and it makes a complete sense to make use of them to boost your corporate identity.


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