Types of Seed Beads

Seed beads were openlyfavorite among the people as they were used as anembellishment on outfits and other objects.  In many circumstances, the seed beads endorsed people to augment their attires much more decoratively than had earlier been imaginable. Seed bead production agencies have manufactured them in a great way, and they are strung on threads to create lampshades and jewelry, woven on looms to make articles of clothing and other domestic items.  They are also employed on the thread and stitched into elegant patterns.  They are embroidered together so regularly that a fullsubgroup of beadworking and beading has grown up.


Seed beads are offered in avariety of colors.  They can be opaque, transparent, metal finished, metal lined, color lined as well as frosted.Various kinds of beadsthat seed bead production businesses have produced and some of them are listed below.

  • Berry Beads:

Miyuki recently releases the Berry beadare peanut shaped and is alike to the Toho and Matsuno Peanut beads.

  • Cube Beads:

The cube shaped beads come in different three sizes. The cube beads that are produced by Toho have the additional benefit of a diamond designed hole making sure the beads sit properly in design.

  • Bugle Beads:

A thin, long, tubular shaped bead, either straight or twisted, which can be simple, hex cut or two cut are known as bugle beads.

  • Drop Beads:

The seed bead production agencies have designed drop shaped beads that come in four sizes, and there is a hole in the center of every bead. Drop beads are also known as Fringe beads.

  • Farfalle Beads:

Farfalle beads are named after the Italian word for butterfly, namely farfalle and they are double drop shaped beads that are used to make jewelry and in outfits for embellishments.


  • Rocaille Beads:

These are pronounced as roh Kai and were traditionally round that are silver-lined seed beads having square holes. Nowadays the term only speaks of to all round seed beads of the category that most folks readily subordinate with seed beading. These contemporary beads usually have round holes, but Toho has lately re-introduced Rocailles with square holes to deliver greater precision when placing them in designs.

  • Peanut Beads:

At first,peanut beads were introduced by Matsuno, but now they are also part of the Toho collectionas well. This bead is peanut shaped and seems like two drop beads are combined.

  • Oblong Beads:

This formappears to be exclusive to Preciosa and is an extended, slightly flat square or cube-shaped bead with a round hole in the center. Seed bead production firms also produce them with a beveledhole edge as well.

These were some of the popular types of beads that are manufactured by the seed bead production companies. Some other types of seed beadproduction that are also used in jewelry making as well as in embellishing outfits, bags and to enhancelampshadesare spiral beads, star beads, square beads,tila beads, triangle beads, three cut beads, two cut beads and true cut beads.

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