Top 5 Tips on How to Care for Fine Jewelry

Fine jewelry is the jewelry that you would want to cherish and pass on as an inheritance to the next generation. If you don’t take care of it, its life span will get shortened with passing time. Further, it will never have the same value for your heirs as it had for you. Choose MyelDesign to buy fine jewelry that you can pass on to your progeny. To keep your fine jewelry looking as good as new, take care of it by following the below tips:

How to Wear Fine Jewelry?

Your fine jewelry should be the last item on your dress and the first one off it. Perfumes, hairsprays and lotions are allergens for your jewelry. Do not wear it while bathing or while going to bed. Remove it and store it carefully. If you are planning to do something laborious like lifting weights, keep it away from the hard work.

How to Store It?

Whether it is dainty or large, your fine jewelry is delicate.Store it in a box or a pouch allotted for itto prevent it from getting damaged. Do not stuff a lot of your precious pieces together. Do not force them into cramped spaces.Choose its storage depending upon its design and style. Some pieces need to be kept on a flat surface.

How to Care for Fine Jewelry Made of Gold?

To clean your gold jewelry, combine a few drops of non-detergent soap with warm water and leave the jewelry to soak in it for a while. This will loosen any dirt, which has built up. Few minutes later, you can pat it dry with a soft cloth. In case there is some grime set in the intricate parts, you can use a soft brush to clean it out

How to Take Care of Pearls?

Pearls are organic in nature and will need extra care so that they can shine for times to come. Use a soft dry cloth to wipe them. Do not use any chemical. Do not apply steam cleaning techniques. You can wash them in a solution of water and non-detergent soap and leave them to dry on a clean towel on a flat surface. Let them dry completely before you attempt to wear them

How to Take Care of Silver Jewelry?

Silver jewelry can be cleaned in a manner similar to the one described above for gold. If the surface of your jewelry is polished, the shine can be restored with a special cloth for the purpose. For a matte-finish piece, baking soda and water in a paste form can help restore the look. If your silver jewelry is plated with black rhodium, simply wipe it with a cotton cloth.

With the help of these tips, your favorite jewelry will stand the test of time and collect love from many generations to come.

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