Taking Care Of Silver Charms!

Many customers have a common question in mind i.e. how to clean Charm Beads or silver bracelets? Since silver has become extremely precious every single day, it is essential to take proper care. When silver jewellery is exposed to air, it tarnishes. Termed as ‘Oxidation’, this process blackens the silver jewellery and leads to darkening. Given below are few tips to prevent this;

  • Before the jewellery is cleaned, a quick visual check must be done for seeing if there are any damaged or loose gemstones. Also check for broken or cracked metals. It is always recommended to take help of professional services for cleaning and repairing. This doesn’t cause any damage.Image result for Taking Care Of Silver Charms!
  • The jewellery must always be removed before cleaning and showering. If the soap doesn’t washes off properly, it leads to formation of a film. This attracts dirt, contaminants and dust.
  • A silver polishing cloth must be used for removing oxidation. Paper towels and tissues might cause some scratches. A sunshine cloth is a good option. Ensure that fresh clothes are used, since the grit and dirt on the cloth can leave pits and scrapes. Light pressure can be used and the cloth would do all the magic.
  • Jewellery stores offer different types of commercial cleaners. Make sure the instructions are read thoroughly before making the purchase. Usually, some cleaners would be very strong and deal effectively with oxidation. Some designs are oxidized purposely to enhance the beauty and depth of the piece.
  • If polishing cloth is not the effective and if you want to get rid of harsh commercial cleaners, the silver bracelet charms should be washed in warm water having washing liquid. The charms should be immersed in water and kept aside for sometime. A cotton swab can be used for tight corners. If more abrasive cleaning is desired, make use of a baby toothbrush.
  • The sterling silver should be rinsed and then dried completely before you store it. Moisture leads to tarnishing and hence, it must be avoided.
  • Jewellery should never be cleaned with bleach. This definitely has a lot of effect on the alphabet beads uk. Basically, bleach is considered to be an oxidizing agent and has a strong reaction on the metal and makes it quite brittle. Hence, it must always be removed while soaking in hot tub or while taking a shower.
  • Apart from chlorine bleach, ammonia, acetone, turpentine, denatured alcohol are also very harmful. Due to these chemicals, the surface of softer gemstones becomes dull, for instance lapis, turquoise or amber.

Ask some jewellery store for advice on cleaning. If you don’t find it satisfactory, you can even browse the internet to find some good tips on the same. Moreover, while buying jewellery, there are several stores online. Visit each store and make a thorough comparison of prices. Choose the store that offers you maximum value for money and affordable prices.

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