Small Handbags Are A Big Fashion Trend

Bags have been a crucial part of a woman’s dressing since always. The sizes and styles of the bags women love to carry have always been changing according to different needs and trends. The present trend says that the small bags are the new cool and are preferred by women more than the bigger bags.

The ladies bags are so huge in variety, but some bags are more comfortable while carrying than others. This means that not everyone will prefer small bags, but it is the trend which is seen today.

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Why are small handbags in trend?

  • They are easy to handle and since they are small, light in weight to carry.
  • Women usually put up everything in their handbag, but when the size is small; they just take the essential things with them and in turn find them easily.
  • The heavier the bag is, the more health issues it causes.

A small clutch in hand or a crossover sling will look great, and it becomes manageable as well. However, the handbag should not be so small that they can’t even place the cell phone or ID cards in them.

Smaller handbags go with any attire you are wearing, and you get one for every occasion as well. The small handbags may be even one of the recent trends due to some scientific reasons.  A study shows that the weight of the backpacks we carry on our shoulders should not exceed 10% of our weight and the bags that lay on just one shoulder should not exceed 5 % of our weight.

This new trend has been beneficial to women. The neck aches and the shoulder pains have reduced, and they have been more confident to move out with a smaller bag. Women have learned to carry less stuff which is making things straight for her.

With time, women have realized as well that they have been carrying certain useless things all this while and had been spending so much time searching for something needed urgently. Now, they have come to believe that the purse or the handbag should be handy with all the credentials like cards, cash, cell phone and not some extra makeup.

There have been arguments against this fast-growing trend as well, but most of the women are today carrying a smaller handbag.  The bags women look for now also depends on the occasion they are going to and the way they wish to look. The various sizes and types of such handbags can be checked on various stores, and famous brands like baggit offer a huge range of such products.

The handbags produced today are based on space utilization and will have a lot of storage while being compact. Along the small clutches or slings, the pouch styled purses is also a kind of small handbag. Ladies handbag trend has always been an important study to understand the nature of women, and it continues to be.

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