Shooting: What Women Need to Know

Many people associate shooting sports with men, however this is not entirely the case as more women are getting involved in the shooting community and proving they have better hand-to-eye coordination than men – a report recently showed they were 10-15% better. If you’re a woman and wanting to participate in this sport, then do not worry because we can provide you with some tips on how to settle into the community and show how amazing you’re!


Tips for Women in Shooting:

  • Look around different clubs and find one which you like the best, don’t just pick the nearest one because this often is the best for you. Not only this but joining a club will allow you to meet like-minded people and form relationships.
  • There are many different types of guns, all used for different things for example the airsoft guns are normally used for airsoft games, air rifles are used for hunting and then there is of course BB guns. Try out different guns and see which types of sports shooting you enjoy the best.
  • Before starting up with this sport it is important to know the rules and laws, you can do this by reading up on articles on joining sports shooting forums.
  • Go to the shooting range, practice does make perfect at the end of the day so make sure you practice shooting and read up on tips on how to get that target. Not only this, but it will make you become a lot more confident in the sport.
  • Make sure the gun which you’re using is fitted to you properly, if it isn’t then you must get it fitted to avoid any injury.
  • Make sure you wear suitable clothing, we advise women to wear comfortable trousers and shirt with a waterproof coat or jacket with socks and appropriate footwear. This doesn’t just protect you from the weather but when going out shooting you’re often walking around and outdoors for a while so comfort is vital.
  • Be safe. Wear glasses and ear muffs to ensure your safety, not only this but the barrel of the gun should always be pointed at the floor and you should always acknowledge your surrounding before taking a shot.
  • Just simply enjoy yourself, because at the end of the day you have most likely joined this sport to have fun and interact with other people. Keep focused on the target, breather and pull the trigger.

Shooting isn’t only great fun but it great for your mental and physical health! Is this a sport which still interests you? Well follow these tips join a club and get practising!

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