Getting your Rolex watch serviced: when it should be get serviced

Rolex is something beyond just a watch, memoranda, a priceless gift, or a beautiful elegant asset to any complete man or women. It signifies success, pride and personality which make it grander than other watch brands. You never expect or afford to either loose it or being stopped. It needs servicing for better and ongoing regular working. People often jumbled with the question that when they are suppose to service their Rolex? You can figure out the important points which you should take care of while putting your Rolex for servicing. Whether you have an old or vintage Rolex, you need to entrust some professional for best services and here you need to visit

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When you should consider your Rolex for servicing

The most discussed question that when they should consider for servicing their Rolex is categorized in three time zones. The three time zones however are ideal for servicing and so required for minimal you follow

  1. For new Watches:  The Rolex watches which are below or equals to 7 years old . With these watches you will not need to get any service until any damage or any repair work is not necessary to be done.
  2. Watches which are over 7 years old: You will be required a full service which will be enough for the 7 year un-serviced watch.
  3. Vintage watches:  Any kinds of service here with vintage watches are not recommendable until they functions very poor or poor enough as 25 per cent below of COSC standards. You have to be very careful and precautious while choose a repair person or watch maker for vintage watches. This is because you watch is vintage and occupying the great old parts of the watch which are priceless and rare to find. There are only limited persons who can really be handy with vintage watches, so you better find an expert.
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