Fashion Tips for Men

Just because you are a man, that doesn’t mean you can actually wear whatever to work, meetings, or semi formal events. Men are judged by the way they dress, just like women. If you show up for a job interview in a pair of worn jeans, the prospective employer will not take you seriously. The bestā way to present yourself in any situation is to dress smart. In case you are completely clueless about how a modern man should dress, here are several fashion tips that will help in professional and personal life:

Find the Right Fit

Remember when you were young when your mom tried her best to find you clothes that fit your frame just right? She didn’t do it for nothing. The foremost fashion tip any man should follow is to find clothes with the right fit. This means avoid buying clothes that are either too tight or too loose, unless it’s exactly the look you are going for. A good way to know that you have the right fit is to check whether the clothes you are wearing is almost hugging your body. Fit can vary depending on the type of clothes. For men’s suits, for example, you should make sure the collar is neither too high nor low, and that the cuff actually reaches your wrist. You can go to a tailor and take professional measurements if needed.

Mix Up Your Casual

What’s your casual? For most men, it’s jeans and t-shirts. Though such an outfit is indeed convenient, you should occasionally change your casual attire. Ditch the t-shirts once in a while in favour of casual collared shirts. Wear cargo pants instead of denim jeans. There are many other types of new items that can substitute for the classic jeans and t-shirts combo for casual. Try these; it may fit you better.

See the Outfit as a Whole

When you wear a suit, the shirt and tie is not all there is to it. When you are in casual clothing, the top or the bottom is not all. Learn to view the outfit in its whole. Do not disregard supporting clothing items. You may wear jackets or sweaters with the outfit. And these should complement everything you are wearing. The basic rule is that the top and the bottom items of your outfit should match in some way. Just remember that this includes supporting items.

Don’t Go Overboard With Jewellery

It’s perfectly acceptable for men to wear jewellery, like earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. However, don’t go overboard. Don’t wear rings on all your fingers lest you want to look like some flashy crime lord. Too many necklaces, or combining just too many pieces of jewellery would just make you look like a human Christmas tree. Subtlety is usually the best accessory for most outfits.

Avoid Being Underdressed

It’s always better to be overdressed slightly than to be underdressed in any way. So be bold and wear the right item for the occasion, even if you might risk overdressing. Undressing is worse and it might give people the wrong impression about you.

Buy Great Shoes

No matter how great your outfit looks, if the shoes suck, then everything sucks. So, do spend money on a darn good pair of shoes that make you look sharp. Do not disregard your shoes.

Follow the above fashion tips to look great this season.

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