Do’s and don’ts while dressing up your baby boy

If you’ve recently become a mother and you are gifted with a baby boy, we know that you must be overwhelmed with the joy. But do you know how to really dress up your baby boy so that he looks the cutest among all? Being a mother for the first time can put you into so many dilemmas including what to buy and what not to, for your little one.

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Like every mother and father, you might want to dress up that new doll of yours when you go out for a function or for just shopping. Let all the eyes follow your adorable one with love and envy. The way you should dress up your baby boy needs a lot of attention because it depends upon the age of your baby and also the climate of the place you live in. Another important thing is to dress your baby according to the occasion.

Here are a few do’s and don’ts you need to keep in mind while dressing up your baby boy.


  • Buy the perfect fitting cloth and not very loose or very tight which will simply make your baby uncomfortable. If the dress is loose, the cloth will slide out of the baby’s shoulders and can suffocate the baby by cover his face if he’s sleeping. Getting tight fitting pants or shirts will simply annoy the hell out of your baby making him cranky when you’re at the party.
  • Choose the fabric according to the age of your baby boy. If your baby is less than a year, only get soft material clothes.
  • Buy shoes that are funky and that matches with the outfit your boy is wearing. However, it is important that it fits him right and they are feet-friendly to avoid shoe bites and blisters on the little feet.
  • Always dress your baby according to the weather and climate. Don’t dress him up in layers if it’s the day time. If you are not sure what the day is going to be like, you can carry an extra sweater or a coat in your carry bag and use it only when needed.


  • A big no! for dresses like tight leather pants or those made with material that pricks your baby throughout. Flashy dresses and outfits usually have add-ons that are irritating and poky.
  • No tight belts and elastics that will hurt your baby boy. Buckles and zips are a better way to go and won’t leave red rashes on the skin.
  • Don’t buy big cowboy type shoes or boots that are heavy for your toddler because they might fall down and end up getting hurt if the footwear is wrong.
  • Don’t force a style on your baby if he hates it. He might hate it due to some reason which he might not be able to explain to you.

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