Different types of racquets for racquet sports

Racquet sports are always popular than the other types of sports and there is a huge number of its fan following. Some of the most common racquet sports include tennis, table tennis, pickleball, badminton, racquetball, squash and Qianball. To play these sports, you need to have a racquet and for each sport there is a different style of racquet. So players are needed to pick the right racquet according to the sport which they want to play. You can take help from the online store to know the difference between different types of racquets and if you are looking to buy the racquet for play, check out the best collection of racquets at www.wolfesports.com/collections/racket-sports.

Know your racquet

Some differences between different types of racquets of various sports are described here:Image result for Different types of Pickleball paddles

String racquets

These are the racquets in which there is a mesh made of strings. These strings are made up of nylon and catgut. String racquets are used in:

  • Tennis

Tennis racquets are available in different weight and size. They are around 250 to 325 grams and often larger than the other types of racquets.

  • Squash

Racquets for playing squash are smaller in size as compared to the tennis racquets. Weight of squash racquet is between 110 and 175 grams.

  • Badminton

Badminton racquets have smaller head than the tennis and squash racquets but longer handle. It weighs between 80-90 grams.

Non string racquets

Between the racquet and bat, there lied a category of sport accessory which is called as paddles. These combine the features of bat and racquet both. It has the handle like the racquet while its head is solid like the bat.

  • Pickleball

Pickleball is played with pickleball paddle which is available in different sizes and different material. Its weight varies from 207 grams to 238 grams. It has non rounded bottom

  • Table tennis

This game is also played with the paddle. Racquet with 77 to 89 grams of weight is considered ideal to play table tennis.

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