Cross-fit Gym Bags – Top Tips and Buyers Guide

Cross Fitters are not just into an intense workout but also requires a variety of valuable equipment. And not all of these things stay at the gym. As a dedicated fitness enthusiast with a variety of regimes and exercises, it’s no wonder that Cross Fitters need to cart some stuff around. With activities ranging in weightlifting, gymnastics, and running; Cross Fitters need to know they always have everything they need.

A dedicated gym bag is a must for anyone with Cross-fit fever. Not only is it a way of carrying much needing equipment but it also protects it too. Knee braces, gloves, and jump ropes can accumulate quite a cost, so it’s important that you select a bag that will not only keep these items segregated for easy access but protected when not in use.

A sturdy bag will not only survive the long hall but for Cross-fit trainees who wish to partake of carrying a sandbag for greater endurance, a strong bag is a must. A larger duffel bag is ideal for those with access to a car, but for a fitness junkie looking to walk to the gym, a good backpack is essential. Pick a bag with comfortable, supportive and adjustable straps for ease of carrying. A lot of backpacks will also offer an extra strap across the chest or waist which is also beneficial for long distance walking.

But of course, weights and bulky items are not the only necessities in your arsenal. Look for a bag with multiple smaller pockets for storing easily lost, smaller items such as sports tape for protecting your hands, join bracers, first aid items, and that all-important deodorant. It also pays to have zipped pockets for personal items such as keys, wallet and gym cards if you are trying to travel with less luggage.

It’s not only sports equipment that needs a place in your bag but food as well. Nutrition is very important when training, and as oft as not Gym-goers will want to prepare their meals at home rather than buy fast-food. As a balanced protein-rich diet involves a lot of fresh produce, such as dairy for smoothies, finding a bag with a cool compartment would be a real benefit. Not only will this keep your lunch fresh and cool but it can also avoid nasty spillages on any of the aforementioned expensive equipment.

And of course staying hydrated during your training is crucial, especially during such an intense workout. Ensure that whatever bag you go with has some form of storage for a water bottle. This will ensure a smooth work out. Water bottle storage comes in many forms, however, one of the most common and useful are mesh pockets on the side of the bag.

And last but by no means least, do yourself a favor and find a bag with a separate compartment for soiled clothing. With the intensity of cross-fit workouts, you will thank yourself for not storing your sweaty towels with your home wear.


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