Best Halloween Costumes you can Buy in 2016

There isn’t a good Halloween without a good costume, scary or not. Ranging from the more simplified and basic outfits to more aesthetic and technological costumes and everything in between, this year will certainly be no different with plenty of new Halloween costumes to choose from. Buying it through an official site or from a novelty shop, you will have quite a pick and here are some to make it easier.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

This year’s US presidential elections have become a global event thanks to the personalities of the two remaining candidates, most notably the Republican candidate Donald Trump. Either way the election goes, these are going to be very popular and easy to pull off thanks to quality rubber masks.3

Kylo Ren

Star Wars saw a triumphant return last year and its main antagonist, Kylo Ren, will see his Halloween debut this year. Long black robe and a terrifying mask will be a mainstay this Halloween. For groups of friends, combine with a few Stormtroopers to form a truly evil gang.

Star Wars X-Wing fighter

This one is for the true Star Wars fans. Looking like you just exited out of the X-Wing cockpit, this incredibly real-looking costume will be the envy of many, especially your friends who are into Star Wars as well.


The gaming craze that swept the world, Pokemon Go theme will be one of the most popular this year. It’s easy to see why as there’s so much to choose from – Pikachu or Charizard hoodies to go as the beloved Pokemons, Ash Ketchum costume to go as the titular Pokemon trainer or a Pokeball dress to team up with any of the previous choices.

Harley Quinn

One of the most anticipated movies from 2016, the Suicide Squad gave us a memorable villain in Harley Quinn, a fierce character whose costume is surely to be seen everywhere during Halloween. A perfect choice for any DC Comics fans and couples to pair with The Joker.


The titular character from the long-making smash hit will have his leathery look replicated by many this Halloween with an affordable costume that also comes with quite an attitude. This costume will be a smash hit of its own.

Emoji costume

Perfect for people who texting much of the time, emoji costume will be one of the simpler this year. Still, this easy and non-extravagant slip-on ensemble (especially the poop emoji) will put a smile on faces of many throughout Halloween parties

Prince Purple Rain costume

A sort of a tribute to the music legend that unfortunately died earlier this year, this costume will be one of the more stylish. For an extra bonus, add a guitar to the outfit.


This costume consisting of a muscle suit and a Trident will give you the six pack abs and ripped arms even if you don’t really look like Jason Momoa, the latest actor to embody the water hero. Gel your hair for that slightly wet look.


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