Beginners Guide To Purchasing Quality Hair Extensions

With so many possibilities of places you can buy your hair extensions from, how do you pick wisely? The world of hair extensions at times can be a pretty confusing place. Everyone has varying opinions on their preferred hair source and type, but here are a few “hair do’s” that should be an excellent place to start particularly if you’re a hair extension virgin!


You need to be 100% sure on the hair extensions you want before you buy them or have them fitted. They take a lot of maintenance and going from short to long hair can be a lot of hassle for some.

Keep in mind that like everything else you get what you pay for; for example, if you purchase cheap synthetic hair from a foreign site, the quality of the hair will most likely deteriorate quickly. For the best Australian hair extensions online shop – Jadore Hair Supplies. They pride themselves on stocking the highest quality products, along with honest and reliable service.

Ideally, you should choose the extension length based on how long you want the hair to be from both the bottom of your crown and the nape of your neck. If you’re after a hair cut and style to look more fuller and natural, you should definitely keep this in mind.

Choose your colour wisely!

There’s nothing worse than paying a lot of money and realising you’ve got the wrong colour and its nothing like your hair. Remember computer monitors can make colours look different. Most reputable companies will allow you to send them a photo to match the colour for you or will be able to send you a sample.

Remember wearing hair extensions will affect your natural hair. It will weaken it, and you have to look after both. As long as you do, you won’t have any problems. You must treat your extensions precisely like your hair.

Carefully consider what method you want

We all have different preferences, and there will always be pros and cons about each one. If you’re having a hard time deciding take a look at some of the online advice and forums from real people who have tried out all of the hair extension methods. They’ll be able to provide you with tips on what worked best for them but in the end, just make sure you do what’s best for you!

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