7 Food Shopping Tips for New Vegans

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Veganism is a growing lifestyle trend. People are switching to it for a variety of reasons, but most would say that they have chosen to go vegan because, for them, it is a healthier and more responsible way to live.

For those who have just recently chosen to go vegan, the initial period of adjusting to veganism may feel challenging.

This is because, despite the fact that there are more vegans now than in the last 25 years, there are still limited vegan options available in grocers. If you are searching for variety, especially when it comes to ready-to-eat options, you still need to go to a specialty store. But rest assured, the selection is steadily growing.

If you need a little help in this new lifestyle that you have chosen, particularly with food shopping, here are seven tips to consider.

1. Start off by writing down your favorite vegan recipes.

Eating more of the dishes you love can support your journey. Write down all of their recipes so you can easily incorporate them into your menu and make your meals something to look forward to. Also, doing this will help you identify staple ingredients you need to stock up on.

2. Always create your menu for the week.

This is a must for vegans since a lot of ingredients used for meals are fresh and can spoil faster. You want to make sure that you only buy items that you will consume right away. There will be less food waste and you can actually save some serious bucks.

3. Consider shopping online.

If you are a busy vegan, shopping online every now and then can prove to be beneficial. One, it can save you money because you will be able to focus more on your needs. You do not have to worry about getting distracted by the visuals of a bunch of other attractive products.

And two, if you are looking for great deals that will provide you the best bang for your budget, this may prove easier by visiting an online store. You can learn about the best deals on wholesale foods online. If you were shopping at the store, it’s likely that you would not know much about them unless you were really looking to buy wholesale.

4. Get flyers.

Some stores offer specials on vegan treats, and they include prices and deals for a certain period of time. You want to make sure you’re taking advantage of cost-saving deals especially if you like to stick to a budget.

5. Check the food distributor’s guide.

It’s a must for vegans to know how food distributors demonstrate values aligned with their own, right?

A food suppliers’ guide is the material to read so you can gain information about the quality of products you are planning on buying; plus, whether or not the provider upholds values (non-GMO, cruelty-free or organic) that are important to you.

A guide can likewise offer a bunch of other ideas to make your food planning and preparation a breeze. They contain recipes, nutritional facts, and even ideal pairings for a satisfying meal.

6. Indulge in one or two “something new.”

When you are a new vegan, it always helps to discover things to make the journey more exciting and inspiring. So, try to include vegan options that you have never tried before.

Every time you go food shopping, set aside a part of your budget for at least one new product to try, such as a brand of vegan cheese you had never seen before, vegan ice cream, and even candy. Adding something new every time can be a real game-changer with meal planning.

7. Bonus tip: Shop for health supplements as well.

While you are learning the ropes of veganism, it helps to add health boosters to your diet to make sure you are getting all the nutrients you need.

One of the common problems that vegans initially experience is protein deficiency because meat substitutes for protein are not yummy or have adverse side effects. Tofu, for example, is not advisable for people with thyroid issues.

It’s also important to acknowledge that at times, food simply cannot provide all the nutrition you need. Food preparation can alter nutritional composition. You may also have deficiencies that make nutrient absorption from food a tad difficult. So, to support your vegan lifestyle, invest in health boosters too.

There you go, tips to make food shopping a much simpler process for anyone who is still trying to learn the ins and outs of veganism. With these tips, over time, shopping on a vegan diet will become more fun and something anybody can do with a lot of enthusiasm.


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