5 Sophisticated Ways to Wear T-Shirt to Office

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Fashion is all about having fun with outfits. Most of the offices have casual Friday when you can wear your favourite t-shirt to work. Then people are often seen wearing a simple tee with a regular pair of jeans. What we are talking here is not about people who buy t shirts for men in bulk and keep wearing them every weekend, but about those who use their skills to create a look that is smart and sophisticated and make a few heads turn.

Let’s see the 5 sophisticated ways to wear a t-shirt to work.

  1. Any V-neck tee can be layered under that beautiful pinstriped dress and then you can just drape an edgy leather jacket over your shoulders. You can wear sneakers with it, but if they are not allowed at work then team it up with a pair of solid flats.
  2. A white tee can again be paired with wide leg trousers to give you a different look. Just put on a silky jacket over it to complete the look.
  3. Any dark colour tee can be worn with a pencil skirt, jacket and stilettos to give that formal but smart look. Just make sure that for a formal look, t-shirt needs to be fitted and not loose.
  4. Another way to make tee look really polished is to try it with leather leggings, and textured jacket. The look will be complete only after you wear high heels with it.
  5. In the scorching heat, you can wear a white or any light coloured cap-sleeve tee with a light shade chambray midi. It brings such a soothing effect to the eyes and at the same time makes you look elegant and sophisticated.

Many offices that have conservative environments do not allow their employees to wear t-shirts on any day other than Friday. But, wearing t-shirts in ways mentioned above will make your look perfect for a business casual and you can wear your favourite comfortable piece of clothing every day of the week.

Bio: The author Vaibhav Jain has been working in the fashion industry for close to a decade now and has very deep knowledge about the ways people should dress up for various occasions.


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