5 Most Popular Backpacks and Their Uses

Backpacks are valuable additions to all kinds of journey – long as well as short. They can keep you in free spirits and you can certainly make memories happier with them. This is all possible, because, backpacks are portable and you can wear them on shoulders and travel with a never-felt-before kind of carefree ease. Luggage becomes a no issue when you know which backpack to use and why.

Different Kinds of Backpacks That You Should Own

Backpacks are essential for a happy journey. They make you worry less and enjoy more. The different kinds of backpacks everyone must own, or at least know about, are listed below:

  • Military Backpacks

Military backpacks are the strongest and most durable kinds of backpacks that can be used for hiking and other tough outdoor activities. They have different compartments that are spacious too. Their padded shoulder straps are an added boon. Since they are made to twin the strength of real military combat bags, most of them are practically resilient to all kinds of weathers.

  • Travel Backpacks

Travel backpacks like those by Backpack CND Canada are excellent options for long journeys. You can easily store all your essentials, including professional cameras for outdoor purposes, in them. They have adjustable padded shoulder straps and are sometimes also equipped with waist straps for holding the weight together.

  • Laptop Backpacks

Laptop backpacks are of different kinds including messenger laptop backpacks and ergonomic laptop backpacks. All the varieties however share one virtue in common, that is a strong padding. The isolated compartments in a laptop backpack are heavily cushioned in order to safeguard your gadgets even during accidental falls.

  • Anti-Theft Backpacks

Anti-theft backpacks are one of the coolest kinds of all handbags. They are USB charging and sport a USB plug inside and a cable outside. Also since they have a concealed zipper style, they aren’t easily stolen. They can also be used as laptop bags since they too are mostly cushioned. Their shoulder straps are adjustable, broad, and padded. Besides, they distribute all the load evenly throughout the body. As a result, no specific part is burdened or strained.

  • Canvas Backpacks

Canvas backpacks are quite popular kind of school bags. You can always pick one depending upon the age of the child. Canvas backpacks can sport pretty floral prints that are quite popular amongst little girls and a two-tone print or a junk food print that are liked by young boys. They’re also built with sophistication and clarity that suits college going teens.

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