4 Baking Tips To Bake A Tempting Cake

A quick online cake and flower delivery in Ambala is always a relaxed affair to make someone’s day special. But baking an exclusive cake for your special one has its charm. It does not matter where you are a cooking pro or beginner, baking a cake always needs precision and patience to deliver some great results. However, if your basics are right, nothing can stop you in the baking right cake to please that someone ‘special’ in your life.

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So, here are the four baking tips which play an essential role in baking a ‘perfect cake‘:

1. Cold eggs Vs Normal Eggs

It is obvious to store the eggs to extend their perishable life. But the right cake baking style calls for the eggs to use at the room temperature not right from your fridge. As the butter needs to be at room temperature to emulsify the mixture accurately, the same rule applies for the eggs. You can quickly microwave the butter for a few seconds to normalise its temperature. For eggs, you can dip them in warm water for a few minutes.

2. Proper ‘Measures’ are Significant

It is important that each ingredient of your cake is measured properly to turn it into a delectable cake. While measuring flour, say for one cup, avoid the heaps and remove the excess using a knife or a spatula to conclude an exact measure. When you scoop the flour from the bag, the compacted flour will let you add more than what is required. It will disproportion the ingredients, impacting the flavour adversely.

3. Importance of a ‘Pastry Brush’

To ensure better coverage and buttering parchment smooth, it is important to apply the soft butter b using a pastry brush. Swiping the butter using a brush ensures smooth and equal allocation on to the paper or pan. The butter must be smooth otherwise small lumps will be formed, and there might be some surface area which remains uncovered.

4. Always Choose the ‘Centre of the Oven’

Chances of over-baking are higher from the edges if you do not position your cake correctly. For the small oven, instead of putting all the pans in one go, either place them one by one or in different racks to ensure even heating. While placing containers, provide the air circulation with a slight offset.

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But if you can take out some time, give a try to bake a delicious cake with these easy tips to get your baking basics right!

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